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If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

Albert Einstein

Financial Literacy is not just an activity but a skill for lifetime.

Ashika Mehta

Dream Big - The Stardust won't settle, because none of us should settle

Jacinda Ardern

Connectmatics More about us

Holistic Learning, % 90
Mentorship, % 80
Skill Development, % 85

Connectmatics offers academic and beyond academic programs, personalized coaching that focuses on enhancing the holistic development of the students. We believe in fostering an inclusive learning environment where every student thrives. We unleash the students’ true potential by laying a

strong foundation for effective and immersive learning. Interactive sessions, activities , simulations, real-world case studies form the crux of our programs that help students efficient collaborators and confident communicators.

Why Choose Us?

Personalized learning

We personalize education for every type of learner. Connectmatics provides a learning platform where students can learn, engage, discover beyond academic skill sets and carve out a path in today’s world.

Holistic Learning

Children's development andlearning is complex which is why we take a holistic view and highlight the importance of their physical, social, cognitive, creative and emotional skills.

Tech Enabled Learning

Our 3D Science and Math lab facility is equipped with the latest and most effective stereoscopic technology to make learning captivating.

Interactive Learning Modules

Visually rich content to enable concept liking and retention coupled with engaging videos, interactive simulations and assessments with the best teachers.

Concept-based learning

Student-driven inquiry-based learning rather than teacher-led inquiry-based learning.

Matching Concept

We match students to the right educators based on their unique learning styles thus maximizing the value that students can derive.

What people say?

My son (13 years) attended 2 courses during school holidays with Connectmatics- Basic Coding and Young Entrepreneurs. He enjoyed both the courses, esp the Young Entrepreneurs. The teachers were engaging and encouraging, the courses were fun. The communication with the team was prompt and hassle free. Ashika was always available via phone to solve any problems, answer any questions. Thank you Ashika and team Connectmatics!

Parent: Minakshi, Child: Yashasvi (13 years old), Anderson sec school

What people say?

My son really wanted to engage in business at his age, his mind was full of ideas on what to sell and how he could earn. Glad I found Connectmatics. They really hit the spot on my son's creativity which taught him to strategize to make his ideas come to life. The one-on-one sessions helped him also to learn to communicate properly and be bold to openly share his thoughts to his coach. My son gets excited with every lesson as he comes close to preparing his dream to become an entrpreneur a reality. Thanks to Connectmatics, I can't wait to see my son prosper in business as he grows. 😊

Parent: Kristal, Child: Kenver ( 10 years old), Philippines

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