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Build A Mobile App & Website

Learn how to Build a Mobile App with a block-based programming language that will kickstart the child’s interest in mobile app development.

Interactive App Development Program

With an insightful, visual drag-and-drop block-based programming, our App Inventor curriculum guides students to apply computational thinking and creativity to design their own apps and test the output out immediately on their phones.

Introduction to App Inventor

Get familiarized with the Interface

Use of Variables & Procedures

Use of Conditional/ Comparison Operators

Learn the art of Animation

Develop Interactive Games

Marketing &


Website Development

Website is the key to making things happen. Website allows your visitors to see you in the virtual space so that they can make particular assumptions and create a given perception of your brand.

Website Development


Get Started with Front End Design Languages like HTML and CSS. We will hand hold you through this coding process.


Learn advanced Front-End Frameworks like Javascript with an Introduction to Databases using MySQL and PHP.


Learn to Design Complex Web Applications using Front End and Back End Design Frameworks.